Benefits Of The New F250 Trucks For Construction Jobs

A popular choice of heavy-duty trucks for us in the heavy construction industry is Ford. Although there are a variety of models, F250 trucks have long been a popular choice and for good reason. For one thing, not only is the F250 heavy duty but it is actually rated as “super duty”, which means it is designed to handle much more than the standard pickup trucks used in the construction business.

For instance, if you were interested in looking at new 2011 Ford F250 trucks, you would immediately notice the upgrades and modifications made from 2010. For instance, the front grille is more robust, which helps to protect the front end of the truck but also it adds to the improved appearance of the design. Additionally, the engine of the F250 is more capable, as is the larger and more powerful transmission.

Starting with the grille associated with the 2011 F250 trucks, it serves very distinct purposes. This grille actually helps cool down two new engines due to the air dam that is located six inches lower than earlier models. With this, aerodynamics is greatly improved. Then with the grille are new wraparound headlights, which are much larger than earlier models of Ford trucks, which is great when working long hours in the heavy construction business.

Another feature of 2011 F250 trucks is the ability to order three cabs, as well as two different bed lengths, various weight classes, and four unique trim levels. The largest truck that you could choose is almost 22 feet long and is eight feet wide. This truck is designed to carry between three and nine tons depending on the model chosen. With this type of power, it is easy to see why so many heavy construction companies want the F250 trucks.

On the inside, people can work in comfort and style. For instance, F250 trucks come with two or four-door options and features such as leather seats, heated seats, ventilated seats, special cup holders, airbags on the front and sides, and if preferred, curtains can be ordered for the side windows. Even the console design of the 2011 F250 trucks has changed. These offer a 110-volt inverter and outlet, locking storage beneath the seats, and flexible configuration.

F250 trucks also have a central display, which is ideal for keeping track of settings for towing trailers, fuel efficiency, McKey limits/preferences, pre-tow checklist, coolant and transmission temperatures, analog boost, voltage status, oil level, and much more. In addition to all the upgrades that make this Ford truck more enjoyable to drive and ride in, the power under the hood is what leaves a lasting impression.

With a V8 engine, overhead cams, and variable valve timing, the horsepower and torque produced is extreme. The design of the engine with transmission is ideal for getting enough power when pulling or towing, as well as maintaining speed and consistent power throughout the haul. The 2011 F250 trucks also come with a fifth wheel and gooseneck straight from the factory, which boasts a great warranty. If the 2011 model were out of the price range, other Ford models would be great considerations too

Benefits Of The New F250 Trucks For Construction Jobs

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