Buying A Used Case 1840 Skid Steer

When trying to find a quality skid steer for a heavy construction business, many owners look at the Case 1840. Also referred to as a “Bobcat” or “Loader Skid”, this diesel powered piece of machinery is a vital addition to any heavy construction business. Although this type of machinery is used for a number of different industries, it has proven to add tremendous value for construction.

For all businesses, especially heavy construction, a Case 1840 skid steer with attachments is an essential part of operations. After all, this one piece of machinery can push, pull, lift, and move all types of materials and objects that would take several men to accomplish. Therefore, when operated by a trained professional, daily work is handled faster, more efficiently, and safer.

Within the heavy construction industry, manipulating heavy materials and objects is something that happens all the time so allowing a Case 1840 to do the work saves a tremendous amount of time and money. Obviously, the loader itself is invaluable but when you start using the different types of attachments that can be used with it, the number and types of tasks that can be accomplished multiplies.

Another primary benefit of using a Case 1840 skid steer is maneuverability. The very design of this machinery makes it possible to get into confined spaces. With the compact size and incredible power, the skid steer can get into tight areas so extra work and time are not being spent moving other things around just to get to the targeted material or object. Using the four-wheel drive capability, the loader is driven into position and then the appropriate attachment used for each specific job.

You will also find that with a unique four wheel drive, the wheels are designed to operate independently. The value here is that the operator of the Case 1840 can move about with more freedom and with ease. As mentioned, the loader is something that every heavy construction company needs but the attachments are what make it worth the cost. Obviously, the more attachments the more jobs the skid loader can perform to perfection.

Keep in mind that attachments for the Case 1840 are sometimes industry related. For instance, someone working in the agricultural industry would need bale movers for hay, augers for digging, and varying size buckets. Other attachments for this particular industry include tilts, trenchers, pickers, post drivers, and rotary cutter. Then for this and other industries, some of the popular attachments include backhoes, forks, tooth bar, tracks, and grapples.

Specific to the heavy construction industry, attachments for a Case 1840 would be a broom, cold planer, concrete hauler, compactor, post diggers, grader box/rake, mini-backhoe, forklifts mixer, and rock saw. However, some business owners also use a stabilizer, soil preparer, slot cutter, tilt, post puller, and post driver. Regardless, with so many different attachment choices for the Case 1840, humans do not experience strains, stress, and even injuries that could put them out of commission. This coupled with saving time makes this type of machinery vital to success in the construction industry.

Buying A Used Case 1840 Skid Steer

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