Freightliner FL50 – The Power To Haul

Although the exact features of a Freightliner FL50 would vary somewhat depending on the year in which the truck was manufactured, they all serve a very important purpose, especially for people working heavy construction jobs. This particular truck was manufactured starting in 1999 and ended in 2003. Not only is this an attractive truck but one designed with enough torque to haul literally thousands of pounds of cargo.

Because of the heavy-duty design of the Freightliner FL50, it can easily move dirt, concrete, roofing shingles, drywall, or any other job-related material without a problem. Without doubt, the Freightliner FL50 is a magnificent commercial truck used by heavy construction companies that need a reliable yet powerful enough means of moving materials from one location to another.

As mentioned, the specific features of the Freightliner FL50 depend in part on the year, as does the price. Because of this, we wanted to provide you with some examples of trucks for sale so you can see the capability for each of the trucks, as well as the associated cost.

• 2003 Freightliner FL50 – For $23,000, this truck comes with a standard cab, a 190 horsepower Caterpillar engine, automatic transmission, air ride suspension, 17.5-inch tires, single axle, all-steel wheels, 18,000 GVW under CDL, air conditioning, and more

• 2003 Freightliner FL50 – Another option for the truck made in 2003 includes a 210 horsepower engine, diesel fuel, six-speed transmission, spring suspension, service body with RKI 3200 crane, 186-inch wheel base, etc. The cost of this truck is $25,000.

• 2003 Freightliner FL50 – With a reasonable price of $19,500, this truck is within the Business Class that features a 16-foot reefer, Thermo King refrigerated trailer, Caterpillar 196 engine, and new tires.

• 2002 Freightliner FL50 – This 20-foot long truck has a 7.3 liter, six-cylinder Caterpillar engine, automatic transmission with overdrive, spring suspension, roll-up door, standard cab, and more for a price just under $20,000.

• 1999 Freightliner FL50 – This truck is priced at $13,500, which comes with a Cummins diesel engine and automatic transmission. This model has a front axle with a 7,000 capacity and rear axle of 19,000, meaning this Freightliner FL50 has a GVWR of 26,000 pounds.

While there are some tremendous benefits to choosing a Freightliner FL50 for the heavy construction business, remember that medium duty and even light duty trucks of this kind are also sold. Obviously, the most important step is identifying the type of work and then choosing a new or used truck accordingly.

The great thing about the Freightliner FL50 is its haul capability. If a construction company needs to demolish existing structures to make room for new buildings, all of the old materials have to be moved. With this type of truck and its durable and strong compartment, virtually anything can be hauled.

Because of this capability, the Freightliner FL50 has become the truck of choice for the heavy construction business. With the load capacity and powerful engine and transmission, business owners can get the job done faster and in a more efficient manner.

Obviously, the more efficient a company can be the more productive, which helps to boost the bottom line.

Freightliner FL50 – The Power To Haul

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