Take Belly Dance Lessons And Enjoy While Entertaining

Belly dance has its origin in the Arabian Peninsula. In this dance form, all the parts of the body would be used but the main concentration lies on the hip or the belly as the name suggests. You would find mainly women performing this dance form. Women from North Africa and Middle East have been doing this for many years now. Different forms of this dance can be seen in today’s world. Many people also give belly dance lessons to the interested candidates. There is a particular dress code to learn or perform this dance form. The costume is known as bedlah.

The bedlah comprises of a tight fitting top with pant or skirt with high ornamentation. The veil, headband, etc. also make a complete bedlah dress. Sequence and beads complete the ornamentation on the dress. The dress code highly depends on the place and type of the occasion. Belly dance has various applications also. One of them is that it is a form of exercise. It has been on records that two steps of belly dancing are there that are used at the time of childbirth. The steps of this dance form are made in a way where each part of the body moves separately. Professional training is required in order to master this art.

Belly dancer can be called in a party for performance as well. Hence, if you are in Melbourne and planning to arrange a birthday party Melbourne for yourself then you can definitely call a belly dancer to perform in your party. Your party would have an awesome ambiance with the presence of a belly dancer. The best part is that they charge a very nominal fee to perform in your party. You can also call couple-dancers or dance troupe to your party though it would cost you a bit more.

Take Belly Dance Lessons And Enjoy While Entertaining

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