The Chevy Avalanche Pickup – A Construction Dream!

When needing a truck to handle heavy construction needs, one stands above the rest – the Chevrolet Avalanche pickup. One of the aspects that make this truck so unique is that it is a re-engineered vehicle of SUVs and full-size trucks recently sold by General Motors.

Not only is the Avalanche pickup extremely strong, durable, and powerful, it is also a smart looking truck that anyone would be proud use.

When it comes to heavy construction machinery, the Chevrolet Avalanche pickup comes loaded with features that make it the ideal addition to any company no matter the job to be done. The grille guard is specially designed to provide the truck with protection while giving the front design and rough and tough appearance.

Although only considered a feature of the Avalanche pickup, it is one of the latest trends.

Because of the re-engineered design of Chevy’s 2007 fleet, the side cladding was eliminated to improve appearance. Another feature of the Avalanche pickup is the cargo box, which has been modified to make it more efficient for the heavy construction industry. The new design has covered side compartments that are much deeper than the original cargo box so more can be stored. In addition, these boxes can be used to store cold beverages and with the built-in drain, melted ice can easily be eliminated. Then, the cargo box has a three-piece hard cover.

One of the most beneficial of all features associated with the Avalanche pickup is that moveable passenger compartment’s rear bulkhead. With this, two to three people can use the long box measuring 8-foot and 2 inches or the truck can hold five to six people with the short box that measures five foot and 4 inches. This is ideal for people working in the heavy construction field in that some jobs require more people than other jobs do.

Another advantage in choosing the Chevrolet Avalanche pickup over others is the smooth ride. Since most construction sites include rutted out, dirt roads, being able to get around without being bounced all over makes the work a little easier to manage. Without doubt, the Avalanche pickup is one of the most cherished heavy construction machinery options in existence. Other benefits of this truck include the following:

• PowerTrain Warranty covering 100,000 miles
• Remote control engine start system
• On-Star emergency calling system
• V-8 engine
• Four-wheel drive
• Programmable driver information center
• Special coil springs on the rear suspension

Although the Chevrolet Avalanche pickup is the ideal choice for heavy construction work, some weak areas exist in the design that people should be aware of such as only having a four-speed automatic transmission. While most trucks used for heavy construction have six-speed boxes, which can actually improve fuel efficiency by as much as 5%, with the Avalanche pickup trucks only having four, the level of efficiency is less.

In addition, the Avalanche pickup needs better rear visibility. Because of the cargo box and tailgate, rear vision is somewhat blocked. However, a simple and affordable solution would be the purchase of a rearview camera, which can costs around $200 to $300. Finally, because of the size and power of the Avalanche pickup, fuel efficiency is somewhat disappointing but considering all the benefits this truck provides for people in the heavy construction industry, it is a small price to pay.

The Chevy Avalanche Pickup – A Construction Dream!

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