Types Of Equipment Used As Heavy Construction Machinery

To perform thousands of jobs in construction, various types of trucks and other machinery are needed. Considered a type of heavy construction machinery, this equipment is made specifically for handling complex or heavy-duty jobs to include moving large and heavy materials such as earth. Other names commonly associated with this type of machinery include engineering vehicles, construction equipment, and earth movers.

Typically, heavy construction machinery runs off five separate systems such as power train, traction, implement, structure, and control and information. However, over the years, heavy construction equipment has undergone tremendous change. As an example, hydraulics now handle a lot of the power and force that was initially done manually or with crude systems. This method of transferring power allows tougher jobs to be done but in a more effective and safer manner.

Although the list below for heavy construction machinery is quite long, we wanted to provide a shortened version to show readers the huge variety. The following are samples of some of the more commonly used pieces of machinery although there are also engineering vehicles not listed, as well as brief descriptions.

• Backhoe Loader – This type of heavy construction machinery has been around for decades, which is comprised of a tractor with fitted bucket or shovel on the front of the equipment and on the back, a backhoe. This particular type of machinery is smaller than some are, which makes it great for doing work in housing communities.

• Drilling Machine – Sometimes, this heavy construction machinery is referred to as a drilling rig, which is designed to bore holes or create shafts deep into the ground. This type of machinery is quite large and typically used for drilling oil wells, natural gas extraction wells, and water wells. While capable of handling some tough jobs, this equipment is also small enough to be mobile. In fact, when needing to move a drilling machine from one location to another, it can be done by one person.

• Forklift – This type of heavy construction machinery used to lift but also transport materials. The design of the forklift has changed since it was first developed more than 90 years ago where now it features high-tech functionality. Of all pieces of equipment needed for construction, the forklift is considered one of the most important.

• Pile Driver – This particular piece of machinery is capable of driving piles into the soil, which helps establish support for foundations associated with buildings and various other structures. For the pile driver to work, it uses diesel, hydraulics, steam, or even human power for the weight of the driver to be lifted and then dropped down onto the ground, smashing the dirt.

• Skip Loader – The last example we wanted to provide for heavy construction machinery is the skip loader, often referred to as the “skippy”. This utility tractor is compact and usually runs on 18 to 50 horsepower. In most cases, this heavy construction machinery is used for landscaping although it is beneficial in other jobs as well.

Types Of Equipment Used As Heavy Construction Machinery

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