Used Nissan heavy construction equipments, Affordable and Efficient

The Nissan Motor Corp. first began operations in the year 1933. Apart from producing commercial vehicles like cars and trucks, the company has many other divisions operating under which not only build heavy construction machinery but also build marine products. Nissan Forklift is one of the many divisions of the company which builds machinery mainly forklifts for heavy construction applications.

The heavy machinery division of Nissan began production in the year 1958. Till then, Nissan had provided forklifts as well as other equipments for heavy material handlings to various industries in the world market. While many of their earlier models have been discontinued, you can still get these models as used Nissan heavy construction equipments.

To increase its business, however, the company had established the Nissan Forklift Co., Ltd by October, 2010. For more than 50 years now, they have been products as well as networks have received a lot of support from their customers the world over because of their high quality.

The Nissan 50 was one such forklift which was engine powered. This forklift ran on a LPG engine which was mated with an automatic transmission. This forklift could easily lift or haul machinery or goods weighing 5,000 pounds. The Nissan 50 forklift had a 3 stage mast as well as a side shift.

The Nissan 50 forklift had a lifting height of around 15 feet 5 inches. This forklift made use of Pneumatic tires for better grip and control, so that you can safely load heavy goods and other equipments.

The Nissan 90 is another gas powered forklift model. Though these models have now been discontinued, you can still find these used Nissan heavy construction equipments. This forklift falls into the Mast subcategory. It is powered by a model diesel engines. This truck was also available in its electric powered model.

The Nissan 90 forklift has a great lifting capacity of 9,000 pounds. It follows in the triple mast category and is capable during heavy lift operations. For better grip and safety, this forklift boasts of pneumatic tires. Other features of this forklift include an automatic transmission as well power steering, a 3 stage mast and a side shifter.

The Nissan 90 can lift up to a height of 187 inches. These electric powered used Nissan heavy construction equipments are powered by a 36 volts engine and come with a battery charger of 36 volts.

Used Nissan heavy construction equipments, Affordable and Efficient

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