Using Retractable Belt Barriers for Controlling Crowd

You would have seen retractable belt barriers in many places during your daily day out. It could be seen in all places where crowd assemble for some purposes. It is a best option to direct the crowd in a queue wherever it becomes necessary. This is very important in places like airports, bill counters, post offices, rail stations, etc. retractable belt barriers are useful in movie theaters and night clubs and such places as you will be taken to your destination as you follow them. There are both metal and plastic posts and one post is connected to the other by a belt pulled from the first to next. They use a weighted pulley system or a spring mechanism for stretching from post to post. Crowd controlling is the main purpose of this device. It is also used for separating the crowd by category like invited guests and paid audience in a show.

Need for Retractable Barriers

If the crowd is not directed properly, it may end up in chaos. If not directed properly people will keep wandering and may enter places where they are not supposed to enter. It will be ideal to use the retractable belt barriers to give them right directions. Also, posting security personnel at every step is not practical and cheap. These posts and belts are light in weight and are easily portable. Putting them in place will control the crowd automatically, especially in queue, gathering, and similar situations.

Different Types and Their Uses

Wall mountable barriers are available where there is permanent necessity. Posts and retractable belt stanchions are used generally for temporary reasons. Wall mounted ones can be used in places where there is a constant need of roping. They are semi permanent or permanent and are much cheaper than posts. You can also get short ones as to prevent the people from reaching or touching something important like a piece of are or an exhibited painting. You will get taller ones to keep the people away from a restricted area.

Using Retractable Belt Barriers for Controlling Crowd

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