Weekend in Newcastle – The English Experience

Spending a weekend in Newcastle to refresh your mind and soul is a fantastic option.. This is a place that has a plenty of offerings for every one right from a eight to eighty year old human beings. This beautiful English city is considered to be one of the most prolific business centers available within the United Kingdom. Cola and wool are the major trading businesses that are performed in here. And this has resulted in an emerging economic status of the country.

The beautiful Tyne River flows through the heart of this English city. Due to the city’s bulging economy and high amount of prosperity, it has become a major source of tourist attraction. There have been a lot of entertainment facilities available within the city. And the local governing authority has focused on making the city more beautiful to attract a wide amount of foreign visitors..

If you are spending a weekend in Newcastle with your family members, then there are plenty of places to visit. These places are all the local attractions of Newcastle. And they should be given a visit in order to experience beauty along with historical expedition. There are a lot of galleries available to let you enjoy your visit. Then the museums feature remarkable collectables.. The three major cathedrals located within the city are St. Nicholas, St. Mary’s , & Coptic. These are all ancient structures but still are very well maintained.

Apart from the historical structures and old buildings, the place has plenty of green gardens, and theme based parks. These places will arouse immense interest among the younger generation. Those people who love to spend their hen weekends in Newcastle visits these place more often than the other. The Waterfowl Park situated at the Sunderland area, is one of the finest green places to enjoy some quality timeouts with families and friends.

However, an excursion doesn’t get completed unless some shopping is done. And the city also features some fine shopping malls to enjoy shopping. There are some major international brands that have their showrooms situated within these malls.

Weekend in Newcastle – The English Experience

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