Why You Should Choose LED Television Over LCD

LED Televisions are ones having better contrast levels, which helps in better display, having a lower consumption of power. The cold cathode fluorescent technology, known as CCFL, is used in the LCD televisions but is not used in LED’s. It uses backlighting technology which helps in a thinner panel display. They have a better colour range and responses to change in channels rapidly. lcd television are nothing but LCD Televisions, which use LED lights instead of using CCFL technology that is generally used in LCD televisions. Both the televisions use Liquid Crystal Diode technology in the front panel.

Why should one use a LED Television?

  • Lesser power consumption by 20%- 30%.
  • Better display.
  • Brighter contrast levels.
  • Better response to channel changes
  • Slimmer than other televisions which helps in better mounting of the television on the wall using lesser space.
  • The backlighting technology in LED televisions are better that the CCFL technology.
  • As the quality of light produced by LED is better than the CCFL technology which enables us a better and natural display of pictures.
  • High ranged LED’s has picture quality which can be compared to plasma televisions.
  • 100,000 hours of life is being claimed by most manufacturers of LED television as LED lights has a better longevity than the fluorescent lamps used in LCD’s.
  • More environment friendly as they do not use mercury in their manufacture.

There are generally two kinds of backlighting technology used in LED Television:

  1. Edge Lighting- This has the lighting in and around the panel of the televisions which helps in its slim construction of the television.
  2. Local Dimming- Unlike the Edge lighting system, LED lights are behind the panel of the television.

There is a huge variety of led television available in the market, price of which depends upon the brand, size and the technology of the television.

Why You Should Choose LED Television Over LCD

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