Your Path to a Successful Stuntman: Important Facts

Want to carve a successful career as a stuntman? Well, before you take the plunge it is important to remember that stuntmen’s lives are generally fraught with wanton risks. Keeping such considerations in mind, here are some suggestions which might help you metamorphose into a successful stuntman.

Start by aiming high. A majority of stuntmen learn different varieties of combat training to land roles in movies. Famous stunt persons over time have developed combat systems of their own. Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do is a case in point.

If you wish to become a famous stunt person, make yourself known in industry circles. This is exactly where showreel comes into play. No lights, no directors to bark “action”, your first stunt sequence will be captured in a simple camcorder. Although it would always be advisable to get the showreel shot separately, if you are pressed for time then take footages from your training sessions. To optimize the chances, it is best to opt for a mixture of different techniques on a DVD. A well made showreel would cast you in a favorable light in front of the directors.

A majority of stuntmen are known to be the masters of severe perseverance. This quality, in fact, will come naturally through days of training in martial art. It would be wrong to expect offers to pour in right from the first DVD copy of your showreel. The whole process is a time consuming one. Therefore, if you don’t manage to bag parts even after the passage of a considerable amount of time, our advice would be to get the DVD changed or altered.

Age is an important factor in becoming a stunt person. Hence, the idea is to begin early. From Karate to Taekwondo- professional training agencies offer courses for young adults. Join any one of them before it too late for you to become a stuntman.

Last but not the least; apply for a membership at the Screen Actor’s Guild or AFTRA. The route may be tricky, but with a bit of patience, there is no reason absolutely why you should not be able to crack it. With these considerations in mind, are you still asking how to be a stuntmant

Your Path to a Successful Stuntman: Important Facts

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